Every room has acoustic properties.  Whether those properties are good or bad can create an environment that people want to be in or not.  Bad acoustics can cause great sound to become unpleasant.  Think about it in terms of someone giving a presentation.  How often have you been in a room and heard every word twice because of a bad echo?  Kind of annoying right?  What about listening to someone and not knowing if they said did or didn't because there is so much reverberation in the room.  You could miss an important message because of bad acoustics.  Music is affected the same way.  Hearing every hit of the snare drum echo through the room is not pleasant.  At Production Essentials we can help design your new or existing space with the proper acoustics for your application. Our friendly and knowledgeable design team will work with you and some of the top industry leading manufactures to make sure your room gets what it needs.  Churches, schools, gyms, theaters, government buildings, restaurants, or any other space - we can help to make sure your acoustics are right. Contact us today for your free quote and consultation.